Daisy Wheel is the first level in Soundodger+ and teaches the player basic game mechanics & patterns. The song has no vocals and has several harmonica, flute, and piano sequences. It is calm and usually slow but there are times at the end that have speed 5-6 bullets shooting. The song in the game is altered from the original piece by DisasterPeace. The original replaces the notes that waves of bullets shoot in the game with people singing single words. It is among the easiest of levels and is most likely meant to be the tutorial for the game.

It does not have any homing or bubble bullets. It is not following any stage and is followed by "Dummy".

Variations Edit

For the advanced stage of the same name, see Daisy Wheel (Advanced).

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Daisy Wheel + Dummy + Fields & Reaches + Katapult + Kirkhope + MIDI Murder Box + Foxtail Socks + Distant Stars + A Walk In The Park + Chloroplast Skin + Lost Age + Outside Wars + Sixteen & Dangerous + Frog Of Lore + Forgotten Tea + Senioritis + Glowing Cubes + Overdose + Ye Olde Future + I Do, What I Want

Daisy Wheel + Distant Stars + Dummy + Ye Olde Future + Fields & Reaches + Frog Of Lore + Overdose + Foxtail Socks + Forgotten Tea + Chloroplast Skin + Glowing Cube + Senioritis + Kirkhope + Katapult + Sixteen & Dangerous + Outside Wars + I Do, What I Want

Waves From Nothing + MIDI Murder Box + Rake Leaves Into Piles + Lost Age + Solvalou