Distant Stars is the 8th level in Soundodger+. At the start and near the middle, there is a woman giving some kind lecture or speech about stars and galaxies.

This stage has 4 enemies and is possibly the easiest level in the game. It has no homing and bubble bullets, due to the fact that it is the second level in the original free version on the game. It's "Advanced" counter-part is by far the easiest advanced stage in the game.

This stage follows "Foxtail Socks" and is followed by "A Walk In The Park".


For the advanced stage of the same name, see Distant Stars (Advanced).

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Daisy Wheel + Dummy + Fields & Reaches + Katapult + Kirkhope + MIDI Murder Box + Foxtail Socks + Distant Stars + A Walk In The Park + Chloroplast Skin + Lost Age + Outside Wars + Sixteen & Dangerous + Frog Of Lore + Forgotten Tea + Senioritis + Glowing Cubes + Overdose + Ye Olde Future + I Do, What I Want

Daisy Wheel + Distant Stars + Dummy + Ye Olde Future + Fields & Reaches + Frog Of Lore + Overdose + Foxtail Socks + Forgotten Tea + Chloroplast Skin + Glowing Cube + Senioritis + Kirkhope + Katapult + Sixteen & Dangerous + Outside Wars + I Do, What I Want

Waves From Nothing + MIDI Murder Box + Rake Leaves Into Piles + Lost Age + Solvalou