Fields & Reaches is the 3rd stage in Soundodger+ and Is emphasized on streamed bullets. Throughout most of the song there is a female voice singing words about looking for her lover with words like "Combing the Fields & the reaches". The stage has no bubble bullets and contains only 1 single homing bullet.

The original song is 5 minutes long, but is shortened to 3 for the game.

The level has a lot of waves of bullets and are all set to a medium speed. There are 5 enemies circling the map. All and all, this level is easy except for near the end where it starts to pick up.

It follows "Dummy" and is followed by "Katapult".

Lyrics Edit

Trying to find some. :/

Variations Edit

For the advanced stage of the same name, see Fields & Reaches (Advanced).

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Daisy Wheel + Distant Stars + Dummy + Ye Olde Future + Fields & Reaches + Frog Of Lore + Overdose + Foxtail Socks + Forgotten Tea + Chloroplast Skin + Glowing Cube + Senioritis + Kirkhope + Katapult + Sixteen & Dangerous + Outside Wars + I Do, What I Want

Waves From Nothing + MIDI Murder Box + Rake Leaves Into Piles + Lost Age + Solvalou