Foxtail Socks is the 7th stage in Soundodger+ and like most of Bill Kiley's songs, is composed of chip-tune notes, with a harp solo at the end. The song itself is very upbeat and chipper. It contains no vocals.

The song has 7 enemies and uses the bubble bullets more then any stage before it. The stage is difficult for a difficulty 2 stage. Harder then any stage before it with an exception of Dummy with may be the same or less difficult. It is also exceptionally short at only 2:41.

It follows "MIDI Murder Box" and is followed by "Distant Stars".


For the advanced stage of the same name, see Foxtail Socks (Advanced).

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Daisy Wheel + Distant Stars + Dummy + Ye Olde Future + Fields & Reaches + Frog Of Lore + Overdose + Foxtail Socks + Forgotten Tea + Chloroplast Skin + Glowing Cube + Senioritis + Kirkhope + Katapult + Sixteen & Dangerous + Outside Wars + I Do, What I Want

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