Lost Age is the 11th stage in Soundodger+. It is the longest level in the game by almost 45 seconds. It focuses more on design and utilising the patterns of the game and less on difficulty.

The song is entirely orchestrated music and contains many woodwind instruments including the flute and some natural percussion like Djembes. The level itself contains no Homing bullets.

It follows "Chloroplast Skin" and is followed by "Outside Wars".


For the heart stage of the same name, see Lost Age (Heart).

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Daisy Wheel + Distant Stars + Dummy + Ye Olde Future + Fields & Reaches + Frog Of Lore + Overdose + Foxtail Socks + Forgotten Tea + Chloroplast Skin + Glowing Cube + Senioritis + Kirkhope + Katapult + Sixteen & Dangerous + Outside Wars + I Do, What I Want

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